3 Common Knee Injuries in Adults

Millions of people each year visit their doctors due to knee injuries. If you are one of the individuals suffering from any injury, it’s likely that you were taking some form of treatment or therapy in order to help manage your problem. Many individuals suffer from the same problems, so doctors are used to seeing these issues and providing the best treatment available for them.

Let’s look at some of the most common knee injuries that adults suffer from.

total knee


The bones that are in your knees can be fractured, and the most commonly fractured bones are the kneecap and the patella. This injury usually occurs due to the trauma of impacts, such as car accidents or falls. If an individual has osteoporosis, fractures may also occur when they trip or make a misstep.

ACL Injuries

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries, also known as ACL injuries, can either be mild or severe. Mild injuries are known as sprains while a severe injury to the ACL is a complete tear. Most commonly athletes will experience this injury, however you do not have to play sports to get an ACL injury. You can also injure your ACL by jumping or changing directions too suddenly.


When you have dislocated your knee, you will not need total knee replacement. A dislocation occurs when the knee bones are not in proper alignment or position. Trauma, sports, falls, and other accidents can cause the need to become dislocated.

In any of these situations, you can turn into a licensed medical professional for help with your knee problems. If you need any further treatment, a professional will be able to help you address these and provide you with treatment options that best fit your needs. If you suspect you have injured your knee, do not hesitate to visit a doctor immediately.