Keeping Track Of Patient Records

The health field is very private when it comes to letting others know the records of their clients.  If this information gets out then it can be used against people in a vast number of ways.  For this reason, institutions are turning to a pharmacy software system that will allow them to keep track of their patients and any other sensitive data they may have.

Authorized personal

pharmacy software system

The first line of defense against loss of data is to have authorized personal only access these records.  If you know who has access and what level of access then you can easily determine who could be a possible leak.  Also, most systems will track where you go and what records were accessed in a log file.  This log file can then be retrieved and reviewed if there ever is a problem.

Master User

There is also a master or administrator for each system. This person is the only one that can make changes to the core data in the system.  This means that they can’t add medications or edit vital data.  Anyone who is not a master user will only be able to add notes and do some basic tasks that their level of access allows.

Photos and other notes

What is great about these systems is that you can store photos and other notes that can be reviewed.  If you have employees working that can take detailed notes and add photos that are clear and to the point, anyone else that needs to review these records will be able to do so without any issues.

Keep off the web

Finally, you want to keep these systems off the web or cloud.  When these systems are stored in house it may be a little difficult to get remote access, however, it does increase security and the likelihood that records can be accessed or compromised.