Who Refers Patient For Psychiatric Treatment?

A general practitioner could very well be one of the best people to make such a referral. This assumes that she already knows her patient quite well. It also assumes that she already has a good understanding of how clinical psychiatric treatment in louisville, ky is likely to be applied to her patient.

Of course, it should go without saying that she does wish to act in the best interests of her long-term patient. She may well choose to exercise the utmost discretion for the time being. The matter of doctor to patient privilege still needs to be respected.

But the general practitioner is also regarded as your family doctor. She may well be obliged to consult closely with the patient’s parents should he or she be well under the legal age of consent. It may well be that she is obliged to twist the bewildered parents’ arms for them to grant consent. It would not have been nice for her to take matters into her own hands.

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He or she who is in distress at this time does, however, not need to wait for his or her family doctor to make that referral, recommendation or prescription. All you need to do is phone direct to the psychiatrist’s rooms to make an appointment.

There could very well be extreme cases where a patient is placed under duress. He or she, as an adult, may well be in no mental condition to act of his or her own accord.

A court of law is most certainly also involved in referring patients for psychiatric treatment. This of course is being done under extreme circumstances and when it is argued by the client’s attorney at law that he or she was not of sound mind when committing an alleged felony.