Why Scoring Calcium Important

Several clinical or layman’s angles could be taken in regards to answering this headlined statement as coherently and truthfully as possible. This short introductory note provides but one angle on the taken calcium score in Morristown. It aligns the calcium test with that of examining the heart. What usually happens after a test is done is that no significant precautions are advised. The patient is still able to return home without any encumbrances.

The actual result of the test is known as the Agatston score. It is a reflection of the total area of calcium deposits as well as calcium’s density. For instance, a zero score means that there is no calcium in the heart. This is a positive sign that there is little prospect of a heart attack developing. So it goes without saying that should calcium be present in the heart, there is a possible risk of heart disease. And any score between one hundred and three hundred means that there could be moderate levels of plaque present.

Of course, anything higher than that means that the patient could be entering the danger zone of severe disease and, ultimately, a heart attack. Percentage scores could also be given in terms of the patient’s age and sex. After the tests are concluded, it is standard procedure for the doctor to engage the patient. All depend on the outcome of the tests, certain or several strategies may be advised.

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Negative results may require no treatment action plan. Inconclusive results may require further tests. If tests are positive any or all of medication, diet and weight loss strategies could be discussed with the patient. In regards to medication, this would usually be prescribed and under strict supervision of the presiding medical practitioner.